Accepted Papers

Full papers

  • Connor Imes, Huazhe Zhang, Kevin Zhao and Henry Hoffmann. CoPPer: Soft Real-time Application Performance Using Hardware Power Capping
  • Marwin Züfle, André Bauer, Veronika Lesch, Nikolas Herbst, Christian Krupitzer, Samuel Kounev and Valentin Curtef. Autonomic Forecasting Method Selection: Examination and Ways Ahead
  • Gautham Nayak Seetanadi, Karl-Erik Arzen and Martina Maggio. Model Checking a Self-Adaptive Camera Network with Physical Disturbances
  • Yesika M. Ramirez, Vladimir Podolskiy and Michael Gerndt. Capacity-Driven Scaling Schedules Derivation for Coordinated Elasticity of Containers and Virtual Machines
  • Yiran Zhao, Shuochao Yao, Dongxin Liu, Huajie Shao, Shengzhong Liu and Tarek Abdelzaher. GreenRoute: A Generalizable Fuel-Saving Vehicular Navigation Service
  • Norbert Schmitt, Lukas Iffländer, André Bauer and Samuel Kounev. Online Power Consumption for Functions in Cloud Applications
  • Michael Trotter, Timothy Wood and Jinho Hwang. Forecasting a Storm: Divining Optimal Configurations using Genetic Algorithms and Supervised Learning
  • Geir Horn and Marta Rózańska. Affine Scalarization of Two-Dimensional Utility Using the Pareto Front
  • Robert Birke, Juan F. Perez, Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Navaneeth Ramenshan and Lydia Y. Chen. Chisel: Reshaping Queries to Trim Latency in Key-Value Stores
  • Shijian Li, Robert J. Walls, LIjie Xu and Tian Guo. Speeding up Deep Learning with Transient Servers
  • Jayaram K. R., Anshul Gandhi, Hongyi Xin and Shu Tao. Adaptively Accelerating Data Analytics Applications with GPUs : A Case Study
  • Lars Larsson, William Tärneberg, Cristian Klein and Erik Elmroth. Quality-Elasticity: Improved resource utilization, throughput, and response times via adjusting output quality to current operating conditions
  • Brian Ramprasad, Marios Fokaefs, Joydeep Mukherjee and Marin Litoiu. EMU-IoT – A Virtual Internet of Things Lab
  • Michael Austin Langford and Betty H. C. Cheng. Enhancing Learning-Enabled Software Systems to Address Environmental Uncertainty
  • Gregor Schiele, Alwyn Burger and Christopher Cichiwskyj. The Elastic Node: An Experimentation Platform for Hardware Accelerator Research in the Internet of Things
  • Song Huang, Shuwen Liang, Song Fu, Weisong Shi, Devesh Tiwari and Hsing-bung Chen. Characterizing Disk Health Degradation and Proactively Protecting Against Disk Failures for Reliable Storage Systems

Short papers

  • Asser N. Tantawi and Malgorzata Steinder. Autonomic cloud placement of mixed workload: An adaptive bin packing algorithm
  • Jayson Boubin, John Chumley, Christopher Stewart and Sami Khanal. Autonomic Computing Challenges in Fully Autonomous Precision Agriculture
  • Damian Arellanes and Kung-Kiu Lau. Workflow Variability for Autonomic IoT Systems
  • Amirhossein Mirhosseini, Brendan West, Geoffrey Blake and Thomas Wenisch. Express-Lane Threading to Minimize Tail Latency
  • Jianru Ding, Ruiqi Cao, Indrajeet Saravanan, Nathaniel Morris and Christopher Stewart. Characterizing Service Level Objectives for Cloud Services: Realities and Myths
  • Mohan Baruwal Chhetri, Anton V. Uzunov, Quoc Bao Vo, Surya Nepal and Ryszard Kowalczyk. Self-Improving Autonomic Systems for Antifragile Cyber Defence: Challenges and Opportunities